The CRE finance industry been dealing with inflation, spread volatility, regional banking stress, and a looming recession. Given the uncertainty, we started CREFmix, a series of cocktail mixers where CREF professionals can catch-up with friends, share market intel, and source new deals.

Attendees include investors, lenders, and intermediaries at any level of the capital stack: principal, co-GP, LP, mezz/pref, or senior debt. If you're sourcing or structuring deals, join us.

No charge to attend, but please register so we can update you on changes in time or location, and invite you to future CREFmixers!

All the active local shops will be represented at our inaugural event (Canyon, DigitalBridge, OZK, Oaktree, Benefit Street, Citi, etc). Details below:

Re: An evening of cocktails with friends in the CRE finance industry on ________ XXth.
Thank you for selecting Commercial Real Estate Finance Mixers ("CREFmix") to provide the above-referenced event (the "Mixer"), the terms for which are set forth below.
Attendees: Providers and consumers of property-level capital.
Organizer: CREFmix, or any of its affiliates, successors or assigns.
Sponsor: Generously sponsored by _________
Venue: Santa Monica, CA. Address disclosed upon registration.
Up-Front Fee: Waived
Date: Date TBD, Summer 2024
Time 6:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.
Registration: Register to the right, so Organizer may notify Attendee of changes in Time or Venue.
Costs: Each Attendee shall be responsible for costs incurred in connection with the acquisition of food and beverages (the "Cash Bar").
Structure: Event may include (i) cocktail consumption, (ii) conversing with friends, (iii) venting on various topics, including the low moral character of certain clients, the perils of deal fatigue, or general industry malaise.
Attire: Attire to meet the minimum industry standards for events of this nature.
Indicate your interest in attending by registering on the form to the right immediately, time being of the essence. Organizer acknowledges that attendance is on a best-efforts basis.
Please Register Below:

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